Speak Up or Stay Down!!!


About a week ago, I was studying Chapter Five of the Book of John when I came across a very interesting lesson.  Jesus had gone to Jerusalem for a Jewish Festival. There was a pool called Bethseda which had five porches. According to the story, a large number of sick people-  people who were blind, lame or paralyzed lay around the pool. They had a reason for this- once in a while, an angel of the Lord came down to stir the pool and whoever jumped in first, got healed!

So, there was this man who had been lying by the pool for 38 years! Imagine being so sick that you had to remain on a spot for 38 years. Obviously, the man’s family had left him to his fate because he was all alone. Now, this is what struck me: Jesus saw the man lying there and knew that he had been there a long time. So, Jesus asked, “Would you like to get well?”  (John. 5:1-6). Like seriously? I think most people would agree that that question was absurd. It’s like my Mum seeing and knowing I am hungry, and asking, “Onome, would you like to eat?

I really pondered over this for a while, and then I understood. As powerful as God is, he has subjected himself to what we can allow, conceive and believe. God is all-knowing but yet, he won’t interfere in your business if you don’t invite him in. So, you may keep going through that negative situation, not because God is lacking in goodness, but because you’ve chosen to stay dumb.

When the paralyzed man answered Jesus, he got his healing! The decision I made after reading this scripture is to “Speak up!!!. Speaking up may come in sharing your dilemma or problem with Christian friends or Pastors or Mentors but ultimately, the one who can heal us of all pains, bring us out of the miry clay is Jesus. Don’t remain paralyzed in that situation by keeping dumb. Speak up!!! Don’t bother your head about trying to figure it out on your own. Speak up!!! Like the saying goes, “A Closed Mouth is a Closed Destiny ” Speak up or Stay Down? The choice is yours!!!

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2 thoughts on “Speak Up or Stay Down!!!

  1. True, I’ve had a similar exerience , though personal. I was singing in my heart, I used to think that because I have the Spirit of God, He’ll just hear me, until one day when he asked me, when a man gets married to a woman, do they communicate with their mind because they are now one flesh? The answer followed, they still need to communicate verbally. I didn’t need an interpreter to explain the message to me, God wants us to speak up, even though He knows what we’re going through, He wants us to SPEAK UP!

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    1. Beautiful! I enjoyed reading your reply.


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