Lessons from my Father 1- Never Let People Clap For You Too Soon


Some days back, I received a call from a phemomenal Man who has now become my Father, encouraging and inspiring me live a life of Excellence. The 13 minutes I spent listening to him was totally life-transforming. While he spoke, I wrote the lessons so as to go back to them and align myself with them till I become them.

I love to share! I love to share things that I have learnt, and am still learning. Apart from really wanting people to know, when I share, the lessons stick more and then there is this responsibility of proving the lessons to be true that comes with it😊😊😊

Over the next couple days, I’ll be sharing the lessons from my Father. Hopefully, it will bless you as much as it blessed me!!!

Lesson 1- Never Let People Clap For You Too Soon

Naturally, everyone loves being appreciated when they’ve done something really good. We thrive on the affirmations from our parents, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, children etc. The danger of this is that it can keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving more than your past success. Are affirmations bad? No. But you must be careful so as not to let it get to your head. Remember Humpty-Dumpty? A big head will always result in a big fall.

No matter how well you’ve performed in the past,  you can have a more excellent result. Someone once said, ‘The greatest enemy to a man’s success is his past success’.

Never let people clap for you too soon. What God wants to achieve through you is bigger and greater than your mind can contain. Press on into it!



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