21 Days With Michelle Mckinney Hammond- #Day3: Stop Playing With Diasies

You know, apart from the immense truths Michelle dispenses through her writings, the way she communicates them is AMAAAZZZINNG!!!! Stop playing with daisies? What does she mean? Worry not! I am here for you okay? Michelle talks on “The Look of Love” in this chapter. Ready? Let’s go!

Michelle says: What does real love look like? I think it is important to take God’s opinion on this one because the response from mere mortals would reap a montage of comments from the deeply philosophical to the absolutely ridiculous (I agree!)

Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!
Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!

It’s important for the Principles woman to study what love looks like from God’s point of view because God has the perfect revelation of love. What’s the real deal according to God?

Love looks patient and kind. Love looks honest and truthful. Love looks determined to go the distance. Love looks hopeful and enduring. Love looks like it holds on no matter what! Doesn’t that sound good? Now let me tell you what love doesn’t look like. Love doesn’t look jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love doesn’t look selfish or irritable. Love doesn’t get an attitude and act like the Energizer buddy, with a grudge that keeps going and going. Love doesn’t look happy at other people’s misfortunes. Love doesn’t look like a quitter, and it never looks as if it loses faith in the object of its affections.

(My favorite line) God wants women to be treated in the same way he treats us.  In fact, he gives us the real deal on love in Eph. 5:25- 33. A man is supposed to be responsible for a woman spiritually, emotionally, and physically. He is to be her priest, her provider, her lover, her friend. He is to protect her, care for her, and cover her because that is what Christ did. God’s real deal is that husbands must love their lives with the same love Christ showed the church.

God did not ask the woman to love the man. He asks that she respects the man. And if he is doing what he is supposed to be doing, loving him won’t be a problem, will it?

After you are sure this guy is a match spiritually, he should also hit three buttons in your heart before you even consider if he is husband material. You should like him, love him, and be in love with him. If one of those buttons doesn’t work, watch and wait.

Personal notes: It’s very easy to be swayed by romantic gestures from guys and interpret their every act as love. We love to feel loved, we love to be loved.  It’s important for us to understand God’s outlook on love so we guard our hearts from our traps, deceits and heartbreak. Love is 1 Corinthians 13, not more, not less. And babes, please love has nothing violent in it. It’s heartbreaking and then infuriating to see ladies interpret violent acts from guys as love. Love is kind. God’s standard is the only standard a Principles woman abides by. Stop playing with daisies!!!


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