21 Days with Michelle Mckinney Hammond- #Day 4: Get a Life!

It’s Day Four!!!!

This chapter had me like!!! Don’t worry, I’m sure you’d be up on your toes by the time you’re done reading this post.

What Michelle said: If an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, then an empty life has got to be the most fabulous playground he’ll ever romp across (Oh my world!)

Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!
Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!

Whatever you do, do not- I repeat – do not sit around saying to yourself, ” Well, when I get the right man my life will begin”. Not! You better get a life. As a general rule,those who wait for others to entertain them only seem boring to those who have the ability to entertain. So make yourself interesting.

God has very specific plans for your life. Purposelessness may almost be as great as Jergen’s lotion for the hands, but it’s bad for the skin and the figure. (!!!) Purposelessness sets you up to think you have the sort of life you need to be rescued from. That “rescue me” mentality will cause you to leap for the wrong knight every time. But a Principles woman who is living a ‘purpose-full’ life will have to stop and carefully consider if he is worthy of becoming a priority over some of the other details and activities in her life.

So how does a Principles woman find her purpose?

Sometimes we lay aside our original dreams in pursuit of a safe path. I firmly believe that when we dare to reach past what is practical and follow the beat of our heart, we are sure to arrive at the place of success and prosperity. The other symptom of not living out our purpose is the feeling that were never appreciated. What did you dream of doing when you were a child?What makes your heart truly happy? Are you doing it? Why not?

Once you step smack-dab into the middle of your purpose, an extraordinary thing will happen. You’ll hear a heavenly drum roll and a voice will thunder, “Congratulations! You now have a life? Principles women who get busy about the business of God-ordained purpose are happy people.

Personal Notes: While some may think the subject of purpose is over flogged, the truth is that there are millions out there without a sense of one. Earlier this year I came across the Message Bible Illustration of 1 Corinthians 12:7. It says, ‘Everyone is given something to do that shows who God is. Everyone steps in on it, everyone benefits’.

There is a unique part of God in everyone, yes, the over 7 billion people on earth! Imagine the world we would have if everyone lived out their purposes; their personal, customised ability of God.

Babe, you are more than a damsel-in-distress, waiting for a man to kiss you out of singleness and into marriage. Live out God. Live Purpose. Get busy. Get a LIFE!!!!


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