21 Days with Michelle Mckinney Hammond- #Day 5: Mind Your Own Business

Halo Prima Donna!

Having a fabulous day? If not, I’m here for you!

Today Michelle addresses the question in the heart of every woman who has had or has a crush on a man. ‘Who should make the first move?’. It’s a very interesting conversation. Join in!

Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!
Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!

Michelle says: The world has convinced us that we are not fully functional, fulfilled individuals without a man. If our ability to breathe depended on a man being in our lives, the world would have an endemic of dead women. The wrong relationships can squeeze the life out of you. That’s why it’s so important to allow God to choose the man that he wants to find you. “When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing”‘ Prov. 18:22. Don’t tell me this is the twenty-first century. God couldn’t care less what year it is. He and his word remain constant, and that’s for a very good reason.

Where did God come up with the idea that the man finds the woman? Believe it or not, He arranged this in order to give the woman power. Let’s face it- men never appreciate anything they don’t have to work for to get. The spirit of conquest is in the heart of every man. So relax- take a seat behind the end zone and let him come and get you.

This is not about playing games. If you’ve been taking art appreciation and getting a life, you won’t have time to run after some man. He’ll have to make an effort to seek you because you- a Principles woman- will be too busy minding your own business!  Your life should be full of activity and interests apart from him. He should be compelled to decide that the only way he will be able to capture your attention and time consistently is to marry you. The more available you make yourself, the further away your wedding day will be- end of story.

Personal Notes: I know how it feels when you really like a man but can’t say it for the sake of being a Principles woman. Mehn!!! It can be very difficult. Especially when you see the guy tilting towards some other lady.  (Arrggggghhhhh). But, God’s design is that ‘the man makes the first move’.  He is to FIND YOU. YOU ARE TO BE FOUND. Want to really get attention from a Principles man? Mind Your Business- be busy about the Father’s business!

Let the Principles man work to get you. It’s not a playing hard to get matter. lt’s about letting a man of character find you. Remember, your worth is more than rubies.



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