21 Days with Michelle Mckinney Hammond- #Day12: Know How To Cook


It’s Day 12 already! Yaaaaay!!!

Let’s talk about today’s topic. What do you think Michelle is saying here? Before you start ranting that the woman’s place is not in the kitchen and about gender equality and those other things, let’s hear Michelle out first!

Michelle says: Yeah, girl, it’s time to talk about our favourite subject- sex. (You didn’t see this coming, did you?) Everything in the earthly realm has a parallel in the spirit realm. Marriage is the earthly parallel of our union with the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ Himself, in eternity. Sex is the earthly parallel of the oneness we will experience when he finally join with him. The orgasm is the earthy parallel of the ecstasy we will feel throughout eternity from that union. (Imagine that!) That’s why we’ll need glorified bodies. No human body would be able to contain such a powerful sensation for such a sustained amount of time.

Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!
Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!

When we celebrate God and move from high praise into deep worship, something deep within us is stirred. It’s an indescribable feeling that fills our souls, bubbles up, and pours forth from our very being. Principles women need to know and understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to worship (Ask Cain why his offering was rejected). Every time you sleep with someone and the relationship doesn’t work out, a part of you dies. Wrong worship can hurt you, disfigure your heart, and kill your spirit. Your love should be expensive, like the pearl of great price. The wrong kind of worship blinds us and robs us of discernment as it did Samson. Love is fragile like a soufflé. If you stick it up in the microwave and heat it up too fast, it will explode. If you put it in the oven and open the door too soon, it will fall flat and be ruined. But when cooked properly, it rises and becomes a tasty delight for those who partake of it.

Personal Note: I once went out with a guy who kept telling me that God shouldn’t have put the desire for sex there if he wanted us to wait till marriage. I didn’t have an appropriate answer then. I just knew it wasn’t the will of God. Some days ago, my Pastor gave an answer to this ‘logic’. God put the desire there so you’d learn self-control. It’s the self-control you learn in your single years, that’ll protect you from adultery. It won’t jump on you, it has to be learned. Saving sex for marriage, isn’t grevious, it’s beautiful and honourable!


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