21 Days with Michelle Mckinney Hammond: #Day16: Know How Loves Ya, Baby!

Aloha Prima Donna! How are you doing? I really do hope this series is blessing someone out there. I learnt today while reading a book by Cindy Trimm (this is one powerful woman, and her use of words is just AMAZING!) that ‘life consists of how much value we add to the lives of others’. Well, I renewed my commitment to ‘let my light so shine’ and to be a blessing, an addition to all I encounter. I really do hope that I’m living out my commitment through this series.

That said, let’s hear Michelle out on this issue of love…..

If a man doesn’t make the first move toward you- even if you do manage to capture his attention for awhile- he will inevitably go off in pursuit of someone who catches his eye and give him a good challenge (I’ve learnt that men are always intrigued by women they have to chase). A challenge is a tantalizing thing, even to the most liberated man.

Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!
Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!

When he sets his sights on you and makes it his business to pursue you and get your attention, honey, you will know that a “Wanted” poster with your picture hangs in his heart! Now I’m not advocating playing games here. What I’m saying is this: the only way to always be treated by your husband as a valuable commodity is to make sure that he understands from the beginning that you are accessible but costly (My God!)Set your standards for your future now. Keep yourself busy. Keeping yourself busy does two things. It keeps him aware that he is getting a real prize in you (and this is scriptural), and it makes you secure because you know that he thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread. The power that comes with being desired is an awesome thing to behold. I personally think it is the best beauty in the world. It puts a sparkle in your eyes, add brilliance to your smile, puts music in your laughter, and makes your countenance glow. All of these add up to a more beautiful, desirable you, which makes him come stronger, which makes you blossom more and more, which makes him do cartwheels, which…you see the cycle?

Set the pace and pick the flavor. It’s totally up to you how the relationship will go! God can’t make him treat you special if you act cheap. If you start off allowing him to be disrespectful of your time, inconsiderate of your feelings, selfish and altogether trifling, don’t get upset if he doesn’t change after you are committed to him. (True talk!)

Personal Note: Yeah, I know, sometimes we are tempted to pick up the chase, especially when we like the guy and guy is not making moves or guy is making too-slow moves (Some guys sha, they would beat some slow motion movie scenes). At such times dearie, place your hands on your chest, take a deep breath, smile and mutter these words… “It is he that finds….”


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