21 Days with Michelle Mckinney Hammond: #Day17: Know What You Want

Hull Prima Donna! Trust that this meets you well. Enjoying the series?  Let’s jump right into Day 17!

Michelle says: Now it’s time for the big question: Do you want a husband, or do you want to be a wife? There is a difference in case you hadn’t noticed. Let’s talk about what God is looking for in you as a wife. God expects a lot. He wants his mighty men of valor to be well taken care of, and he knows that we women have the power to inspire a man to greatness or reduce him to groveling in the dust. Many singles who have been waiting for some time for a mate get so focused on what they want that they forget the purpose of it. You will spend more time being a wife than you will being an employee.

Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!
Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!

So I submit for your perusal the stats on what a wife really is. First of all, understand that you were made for a man. You were made, fashioned, and designed to help a man. You were created to be a help who would meet a specific man’s specific needs.  He designed you to “fit” someone’s rib cage.

Women are life-bearers. Men need nurturing and nourishing. A Principles women understands the importance of looking out for the well-being of everything that concerns her husband. Just like Rebecca, you must be willing to leave and cleave.

A Principles woman watches her husband’s back. She uncovers the work of the enemy in his life and covers him in prayer. She ministers peace, focus and sound reasoning to her husband. She keeps him ever mindful of the call of God on his life, especially in the face of his struggles.

A Principles woman praises her husband. A little praise inspires him to try a little harder, dig a little deeper, do a little better. In one short sentence, you can inspire a man to greatness or cause him to believe he is a no-good failure.

A good wife is responsible for her husband’s reputation. You can affect a man’s work and ministry. When his home life is stable, a man will be focused and able to excel in everything he does. When his home is out of order, it can lead to inefficiency in the market place and bouts of immorality. A Principles woman keeps everything concerning her husband in order—his home, his children, herself.

Once married, your primary identity must be that of being your husband’s wife and the mother of your children. Then you are free to claim your secondary identity as business woman extraordinaire, or minister, or whatever else you dream of doing. Remember, you are the power base and glory of your home.

Personal Note: Today’s post is just really loaded. When I saw the last paragraph, I was like “WOW”! Our primary identity is that of a wife and mother, everything comes after that. The reason we have a lot of broken homes in the society is because people fail to prioritize marriages. I once interviewed a long, and when I asked “May I meet you”, she said, I am first of all a wife to my husband (she mentioned his name), and a mother to three amazing children. Afterwards, she proceeded to giving me a long resume. I didn’t understand why she did that, but reading Michelle’s book helped me see that.


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