21 Days with Michelle Mckinney Hammond: #Day18: Know If He’s the One

Hullo Prima Donna! Yea, I know, I’ve been stalling on this really. I apologize. Commitments been filling my day…but hey! I’m here now. Today’s topic is ‘Him-teresting”. After bluntly giving us a piece of her mind in our last chapter, Michelle finally lets us take a break and focuses on the men…just so you’d know what to look out for! This chapter deeply resonated with some of my thoughts on this issue. Enjoy reading!

Michelle Says: Some women have reasoned that God wanted to teach them some great deep lesson, and the only way He could do this was by having them marry men who literally ran them through the mill. That doesn’t sound like the God I know. If he wants to teach you a lesson, he doesn’t need to use a marriage that does not glorify Him to do it.

Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!
Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!


So how do you know if the man before you is a husband material?

‘The’ man must be willing to cut the cord between himself and mama. He must be willing to “leave” and “cleave”.

‘The’ man should be concerned about your well-being and your provision in the natural as well as the spiritual. He should be your priest.

‘The’ man should be willing to work for your affection as well as your provision. A real man is not at ease with it being any other way. It will bother him if he cannot provide for you. And it won’t be because of pride. It’ll be because it’s built into his spirit to do so!

‘The’ man must be willing to protect your reputation and help you avoid any appearance of evil.

‘The’ man must be able and willing to love you sacrificially. The type of love Christ showed the church (Eph. 5:25-28)

‘The’ man should be make you feel secure.. You should be able to rest in his statement, ‘I’ll take care of it’, release the matter, and allow him follow through.

‘The’ man who God has for you won’t leave you guessing. Your heart will be full of the things he has poured into you.

The’ man should praise your beauty continually, fluff your ego and romance you. He should cover you in prayer and put the enemy to flight in your life. He should be generous and willing to share all that he has with you.

Personal Notes: I hope no guy is snorting? You’ve all been nodding ya heads in our previous posts, so today, nod as well. If it will make you feel better, you should know Michelle didn’t write all of these from the top of her head, it’s all in Scriptures. Read about the dealings of Isaac, Jacob, Solomon, Boaz, King Xerxes with their women and take a cue!


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