21 Days with Michelle Mckinney Hammond: #Day20: The Pleasure Principle

As we wrap up this series, Michelle talks to us today on the subject Marriage. You didn’t think she was going to leave that out, did you? Let’s hear what she has to say on the sacred subject!

So why did God come up with this thing called marriage? Paul concluded in Ephesians that two people becoming one was a mystery. No kidding! At any rate, God ordained marriage. The clue as to why He created man and woman in the first place. God created man to multiply and have dominion over all that He had created on the earth. Everything else multiplied after its own kind, and we are expected to do the same. As children of God we should multiply—or give birth—to more godly people. We are expected to dominate the works of the enemy by becoming a team that is mighty in the spirit (And you thought marriage was that just thing you had to do as a grown up).

Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!
Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!

Hebrews 13: 4 tells us that marriage is honorable. Honorable to whom? Honorable to God! Because it is the very reflection of the type of union God intends for us to have with us. His goal is to be one with us, He wants us to ex0erience the same type of oneness with him that he experiences with the Holy Spirit and Jesus. They’re so tight they are literally referred to as “Three in One”. And now we stand as a reflection of their m=image, being a spirit that possesses a soul that is clothed in a body, created for God’s own pleasure. This certainly shatters the Pleasure Principle as we know it.

God wants marriage to be a situation of practicing and reflecting oneness. In marriage, the two of you should have a unified vision of your life together. If you do this, you’ll eliminate the need for outside counsel and bad advice from friends who haven’t the foggiest notion of God’s goals and purposes for our lives as a couple.

Marriage is the theater of heaven where our lives play out the scenario of God’s foreordained purpose—complete oneness. Marriage exists to bring honor to God. As we bring honor to God, we are crowned with honor ourselves. That’s the complete cycle.

Personal Note: It’s sad that a lot of people—Christians inclusive—get married without the slightest revelation as to God’s purpose for the institution. It’s more than for procreation, or license to practice sex; it’s about God and his kingdom. Marriage is God’s earthly throne. He wants to put a legion to flight through our unions. Please don’t get married if you don’t fully understand the purpose of marriage. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Our marriages will be more than ordinary when we understand and actively seek after God’s purpose.


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