21 Days with Michelle Mckinney Hammond: #Day21: The Final Principle

Yippee!!!!! We made it!!! I am super-excited!!! It trust that this series has been a tremendous blessing you. I’d recommend that you get the book Secrets of an Irresistible woman. That book is laden with operative principles in God’s kingdom for victorious living for women!

Today, Michelle gives us bucket loads of godly wisdom

Embrace life for all it’s worth! Learn to fall in love with life itself. Live life to the fullest, drain all you can out of it, and watch your joy level rise to new heights.

Don’t feel that after you arrive at the threshold of marriage you can now relax and let your act get raggedy. “Whatever you did to get that man, you’d better continue to do to keep him”.

Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!
Michelle (My woman crush everyday)!

Cultivate godly habits now that you can continue to perfect throughout your marriage to increase your mate’s happiness.

Be yourself, but strive to walk in the Spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit to control your life , and he will produce fruit in you that will make it easy to follow The Principles.

Count yourself a valuable commodity. But don’t forget, so is your mate! If you want him to continue to be romantic, you must continue to inspire him. If you want him to continue to think you are the most gorgeous creature on the face of the earth, you have to keep yourself together, inside and out!

Embrace your life now and live it to the fullest. And when he who will come, comes, fulfil your calling in the marriage arena with as much gusto as you imagined doing so as a single. Continue to be a Principles woman of excellence and virtue.



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