A New Year, A New Best Word

Phew! 2017 is already sounding a warning:  “Hey people, I’m not gonna crawl”. Seems only like yesterday I was receiving calls from people yelling and screaming “’Happy New Year”, and today, it’s January 8 already! In case you’ve been slacking in “possessing your land” (whatever that might be for you), it’s time to buckle up!

On Friday last week, I learnt a new word… Okay, it wasn’t a really new word, but somehow, it was new and exciting to me because the appropriation of that word suddenly became very clear! Ever heard of that fiery Dr. Cindy Trimm? She owns the applause and appreciation for my new revelation! Well, what’s the word? The word is “NO”. So you’re making a face and asking, “Is that it? Yes, sister! (and lovers of sisters), that’s it!

NO- not any possibility or allowance (of doing something);

-used to give a negative response;

-a negative used to express dissent, denial or refusal as in response to a question or request.


When to use it? I’ll give you instances:

  • When the devil suggests to you that your sin is going to make God withdraw his love;
  • When the media suggests that you have to look a certain way to feel validated;
  • When circumstances are trying to distract you from following that “one thing”;
  • When situation is trying to exalt itself above revelation;
  • When that brother is pressuring for pre-marital or extra-marital affairs;
  • When you are being dragged into matters that are not your darn business;
  • When people are trying to make their emergencies your priority;
  • When you find yourself in an atmosphere that doesn’t add your spiritual, mental or financial growth;
  • When you find yourself slipping into old behaviors, methodologies or strategies;
  • When your flesh is encouraging you to ‘not pray or study so hard’;
  • When you see your life going antithesis Proverbs 4: 18;
  • When you find yourself in a vicious cycle of not enough and lack;
  • When someone who doesn’t understand your covenant is trying to talk you out of it;
  • To distractions;
  • To disobedience;
  • To pride;
  • To shame;
  • To inferiority complex;
  • To carnal mindedness;
  • To selfishness and self-centeredness;
  • To gossip;
  • To hate;
  • To busyness on things that don’t matter;
  • To people who constantly try to put you down.screenshot_2017-01-08-18-08-51-1

The list goes on and on. Dr. Cindy Trimm said “If you don’t say No to the wrong things, you won’t be able to say Yes to the right things. I think that just liberates me and you from any sense of guilt. We got only one life to live fellas, so we gotta maximize it!

Have I started using my new best word? Absolutely!!! I love the space it creates for me to LIVE!!!!


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