Confessions for the Week: Radiance

“From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth” Psalm 50: 2 (NIV)

Therefore I decree and declare:

I am the temple of God

I am perfect in beauty, God shines through me.

My spirit is radiant with brilliant splendor.

The entrance of God’s word gives light to my life

Because the Father of lights shines through me, the devil has no place in my life, marriage, career, finances, education, ministry, relationships and family

Every influence of the powers of darkness over my life is obliterated; the Light shines in darkness and overcomes it.

There is nothing missing, nothing lacking and nothing broken in my life, I am perfect in beauty

I delight God, he enjoys my worship

God lives through me; he brings his purpose on my life to quick fulfillment

God dreams through me; I have the grace for witty ideas and brilliant inventions

God blesses through me; I am a Kingdom financer, the joy of many generations

In 2017 and beyond, the Glory of the Lord is and will be evident in my life and in all I commit my hands to do

Because God cannot be limited, I cannot be limited!

I am smeared with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

My results are God-sized!

From (put your name here), absolutely perfect in beauty, God shines forth.



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