Confession for the Week: Fruitfulness



Hello Prima Donna!

How have you been? I hope you’ve been confessing God’s word over your life consistently? You see, you are the first prophet of life, whatever you give permission to through your words or lack of it, will be your experience. In God’s kingdom, the way we lay hold on the exceeding great and precious promises is by confessing them. If you don’t have the word of God in your mouth, (and in your heart), you can’t express the fullness of all God procured for you through the birth, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. In this Kingdom, we speak to live!

Today’s confession is drawn from a favorite scripture of mine Psalm 1:3. I particularly love its rendering in the Amplified bible

 And he (she) shall be like a tree firmly planted (and tended) by the streams of water, ready to bring forth its fruit in its season; its leaf also shall not fade or wither; and everything he(she) does shall prosper’

Lift up your right hand and say:

Father in the name of Jesus,

I decree and declare that I am that tree planted, firmly rooted and established by the wells of abundance

I have my roots deep in fruitfulness, resourcefulness and plenty

I experience no seasons of decay, or dryness, or draught or death

In my path, there is life, abundant life

I bring forth my fruit in its season. I curse every root of delays, setbacks and stagnation. I’m never at a spot. My life is progressive. When it’s time to switch to a new level, to enjoy a new blessing, to initiate a new relationship that will propel my life’s assignment, to scale new heights, and conquer new territories, I switch.

The anointing on my life repels every thing called or related to death and destruction.

Everything I do prospers. My results are not influenced by the world’s economy. I function from Zion and God leads me into perpetual victory in Christ. Nothing dies in my hands. Nothing goes down in my life. Everything entrusted into my care blossoms.

Thank you Father, for the anointing for fruitfulness is radically and forcefully at work in me. I am a fruitful field!


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