10 Ways to Make the Most of the Internet, and Your Devices

downloadHello Prima Donna! Whatagwan?

Today, I want to start a two part series on “Making the Most of the Internet”. Why this topic? Well, I discovered that apart from posting of pictures, and sharing of experiences, some ladies are totally bereft of the tremendous advantage the internet presents to them everyday. Yes, everyday! I’d try my best to be as succinct as possible in sharing these lessons. Please note, I’m not telling you something I have not done; the lessons I’m going to be sharing here are things I do everyday. What is knowledge if it is not shared?

Are you ready? Well, let’s dive right into it!

  1. Take Online Courses: If there is one principle I could want to pass to every lady and indeed every human on the face of the earth,  it would be that of Continuous development. The internet presents us with an enormous amount of materials for self-development. Online Courses are one of such. You can learn almost anything on the internet, through online courses. While some courses come with certificates, some do not. While some certificated courses can be bought for free, some are bought for a fee. Instead of wasting time just chatting away and liking every picture on Facebook, you could invest time by taking courses that will enhance your career and professional growth. Personally, I have taken (and I’ m still taking) online courses and I am loving every bit of it.

You could take courses based on your area and sphere of influence. For me, for example, the online courses I’m interested in border around Digital Marketing, Content and Inbound Marketing etc etc. This is because I am a Public Relations Specialist. So also, you can take courses that are advancing your knowledge in your field. If you are sceptical about paying for online courses, you can start with free online courses. Websites such as Edx, Coursera, Alison, Futurelearn are great platforms for you to learn just about anything!

2. Download Books (and read them): I really do hope I am not violating any copyright law here (lol). Truth is, there are millions of books to surf through, read and digest on the internet. While you can access these books through Google search engine, you can also access a huge library through Google play store applications.   Again, while some books can be gotten for free, for some others, you’d have to pay or subscribe for a little fee to access books. Applications such as Scribd, Wattpad, UB reader etc all have thousands of books for all sorts of purposes. Whether you are seeking to amuse yourself, or to learn something new in your career path, or to improve on your character, the internet presents to you unlimited opportunity to do that!

Now, its one thing to download books, and another to read them. Take this from someone who has close to or over 500 e-books. Self- discipline and e-books (and hardcopy books too) go hand in hand. Where would you rather have the knowledge that would change your life? On your phone or in your head?

3. Subscribe to Newsletters and Blogs: Personally, there are a handful (more than a handful) of Newsletters and blogs I am subscribed to. Everyday, I receive a mail from these websites which enriches my mind or keeps me informed. I am subscribed to newsletters from Top Change and Self-development experts, Leadership experts, Financial gurus, Pastors (this comes in form of devotionals mostly), Motivational and Inspirational speakers, Public Relations experts, Travel agencies etc. It’s amazing how a lesson here, another lesson there can just contribute to making you a well-rounded knowledgeable person.

Again, it’s not about just subscribing to newsletters and blogs. You have to read them. Until it’s in your head and heart, knowledge cannot transform you.

4. Follow Thought Leadership: Someone once said, ‘Experience is not the best teacher, mentorship is’. Someone has tread on the path you desire to tread on. Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun. Rather than rushing all out and learning from experiences (some of which may be painful and time-consuming), why not learn from the experiences of others? A good way to lean from these very awesome people  is through following them on Social media and trying very thing within your powers to initiate a relationship. You could also subscribe to their blogs and newsletters so you could receive their latest articles and updates.

You really don’t want to live an uninspired life, so open up and let the stories and experiences of great men and women inspire you to greatness. Personally I follow Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, Emeka Nobis ( You may not know him but I think he is awesome), Steph Obi and a host of others.

5. Develop Strategic Friendships: Seriously speaking, I can’t tell you how much this has worked for me. Through Social Media, I’ve initiated some relationships that have been pivotal to not just success on some endeavours but also on my life’s growth. Whether it’s business partnerships or just people with whom you share same values, the internet can help you connect with them.

But then, you have to come across as a serious person, after all, like attracts like. If you have nothing to offer, chances are high that you’d be attracting same kind of people into your space. Let me share a personal experience. I had a Facebook account I felt was not inspiring me, so I opened up a new one and was intentional about it from Day 1. Today, I have a thriving Facebook account through which I inspire thousands of people and get inspired myself, close deals, develop meaningful friendships and learn! You decide what the internet brings to you.

Well, I have been typing from work and I need to go back to get some work done. How about we continue the series tomorrow? Well, see you then!


6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make the Most of the Internet, and Your Devices

  1. Nice article! Fresh approach.


  2. Nice Article. Fresh Approach.

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  3. Great article, friend. I am interested in the online (free) courses. Would you lend a helping hand?


    1. Sure!
      This would come into another article so I could efficiently address all questions.Expect it soon!


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