10 Ways to Make the Most out of the Internet, and Your Devices II


Good afternoon Prima Donna!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s article! Well, as promised the sequel to yesterday’s post is here! Before we continue, I’d love to refresh our memories by listing out the 5 points we shared on yesterday. Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Take Online Courses: I’d have to do a separate blog post on this to answer all of the questions people have directed at me on this one point! I do hope you have started surfing for online courses you’d love.
  2. Download E-books (and read them): Yesterday, I download E-marketing Myth Revisited. Started reading it too. Should have made significant process, then I came across a fantastic little book on Management!  ( 🙂 , I know right?)
  3. Subscribe to Newsletters and Blogs: I told you I made good on these practices, didn’t I? You should start subscribing as fast as you can!
  4. Follow Thought Leadership: Except you know it all, and I’m guessing you don’t!
  5. Develop Strategic Friendships: Let me be plain here, on social media, you are going to meet lots of time-wasters, you’re also going to meet lots of growth influencers. Just ensure you are following the right people!
  6.  Attend Live Webinars and Seminars: Still on self development, am I not? Webinars and E-seminars are a good way to improve on yourself. Talking about webinars, some online courses come in such packages. The purpose of live webinars vary- from education, to inspiration, to information, to motivation, you can hardly go wrong with this awesome platform. Attend E-seminars if you can! Personally I have hosted over 400 ladies on whatsapp seminars. And today, I’ll be attending on.  The virtual world making learning easier, if you maximise it.

So, now that we’ve gone through yesterdays lessons, shall we continue?

7. Start an Online Business:  Who likes to make money???? I do!!! I haven’t started an online business yet but I should soon. Online businesses can vary from online courses (yeah, you could package information and sell online), e-books, applications (who said you can’t own your own app and have businesses advertise on it), websites/blogs (I’m sure you know of people who make millions online by just generating content), to internet marketing, to E-commerce, the list is just endless!

Let me gist you about some benefits of online businesses. Number one, you don’t need an office space. Yeah. You can do your stuff and make your millions from your home. Number two, you could explore a large audience online. About 3.5 billion people have an internet presence. 3.5 billion people. Nuff Sed. Number 3, you have flexible work hours. For me, this is bae-st! I don’t have to work a 9-5 to make money. Just imagine that!

8. Publicise (Sell) Yourself: A good place to do is is on professional websites like LinkedIn if you are a career person. LinkedIn is a good meeting place for employers and potential employees. All you have to do is to maintain a robust online presence and have a very attractive profile that speaks for you. Showcase your talents. Those online courses we talked about? LinkedIn is a place to display your certificates.

Instagram is also a place to showcase what you do. Let’s say you have an online store or are into interior decoration, you could share very lovely photos on Instagram and increase your market share and inadvertently, your customer base which will in turn lead to increase in “ego” (for foreign readers, that means money). Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp are also good places to publicise yourself and your business!

9. Learn New Things: By new things, I mean new things! Do you know that there are lots of Do-It-Yourself video and text tutorials on the internet? Ladies, listen to me, you can learn to draw brows online, instead of drawing thatscary thing‘  that you draw. You could learn new recipes, you could learn new things of preserving things, you could learn how to make skin products, you could learn whatever! Ignorance should be mad at the things you do with your phone!

10. Inspire Someone: Really, what is life without a giving? You could inspire someone out there by sharing an experience, a lesson, or an article. Don’t just seek to be inspired alone, seek to inspire!!!

Yaaaay! We are done!!!!  I am excited!!! I hope you are going to practice these lessons. Look forward to your feedback!!!


4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make the Most out of the Internet, and Your Devices II

  1. Hmmmmm……… Am speechless!
    The having a robust online presence thingy got me cracked up. Thanks for sharing your information with us


  2. This is Simply Awesome. Thanks PrimaDonnaz for this piece.


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