7 Things I Do Everyday- Onome Pearl Oraka


So on Monday, a friend teased me on my love for points. “10 things to do…”, “3 ways to…” lol.  Well, I love points. They make learning easier!!! Yesterday, I thought about sharing with you the 7 things I do daily- not to cajole you to imitation, but rather to inspire you to search for and begin to practice those rituals that will truly enhance your life. I’ve found my 7, and I hope you find yours too!

So here are the 7 things I do daily:

I Pray Everyday

Apart from the”ritual” of morning devotions, I pray throughout every other day. It is the continuous communication with Jesus that keeps me sane and strengthens me to tackle challenges. Few days ago, I was really mad at someone. My angry self started to meditate on hurtful things to hurl at the someone when we eventually met. Then I decided to pray. I was in transit, so I didn’t shut my eyes, and kneel and do those other dramatic things. I simply just let God know how I felt, what I wanted to do, and asked for his opinion. I talked with him like I would talk to a friend. Talking with him helped calm me down, and then made me receptive to the wisdom he freely gives. My meeting with that someone turned out to be fantastic, and I couldn’t help but be grateful to My Very Present Help. So it is every other day- when I don’t understand my emotions, when I’m feeling all confused, when I’m stuck between choices, when I need strength to help, when I need grace to walk away- I pray. My life is so much better because of this ritual.

I Learn Everyday

I believe in the principle of CANEI. CANEI means Continuous and Never Ending Improvement. Everyday, I ensure that I learn something new. And learning for me comes in different ways;

  •  studying my bible
  • observing people
  •  reading books, articles
  • thinking on a previous experience and drawing lessons from it
  • listening to people
  • browsing through educational applications
  • surfing the net etc.

Stagnant water stinks. So does an unimproved mind. Learning excites me. It does!!!

I Laugh Everyday

My Laughter is soooo loud and strong, I’m thinking of signing up for a “How to Laugh like a Lady Class”. (lol). Seriously though, one thing you’d see me do everyday is Laughing. This life is already serious- filled with trials and tribulations. What was it Jesus said again? Be of good cheer! Now, I understand for some, laughing doesn’t come naturally, so here’s what I’ll suggest (please note that I do this too)

  • Consciously keep good-spirited and humorous people in your company
  • Watch funny clips and videos.
  • Attend a comedy show
  • Recall a funny experience
  • It’s okay to act goofy at times.

A merry heart does great good! Laughter is free. It’s impact, priceless.

I Inspire Everyday

 Maybe, it’s just a personal goal for me. But I am very consciously about letting my light so shine before men. So conscious, that at times, I do it unconsciously. Everyday, I say a simple prayer, “God let me be your eyes, ears, mouth and hands to someone today”. Everyday, he answers. Somehow, people in need of help just sorta locate me, and then God empowers me to. It could be as little as just being concerned, or just answering a question, or just providing a solution or just gisting sef. God places so much value on people, I have to as well. I believe that no matter the stage a person is, that person that inspire another in a stage lower than his.

I Think Everyday

Nope, it’s not “worrying thinking”. It’s more than “strategizing” or “brainstorming”. Yesterday, I was listening to a message by Bishop T.D Jakes, and he said, “Everything you now enjoy is as a result of the thoughts of someone. What are you thinking about to help someone else?”. Apart of thinking of ways to grow my gifts, I think of ways to monetise them. Then I think of ways to be a better person. Then I think of my goals, and how best to accomplish them. Then I think of how to move up quickly in my career. Then I think of ways to double my income. Then I think of ways to inspire. Then I think of my blog. Then I think of my ideal marriage and family. Then I think of my spiritual and mental growth.

You see, in that same message, Bishop Jakes said, ‘God has given us all the raw materials we need to create the lives we desire, it’s up to us now to think and do” (paraphrased). I don’t believe my brain was given me to give shape to my head alone. So, I think.

I Forgive Myself Everyday

Sometimes, I make some silly mistakes and I really want to punish me for sinking so low. The more I remember the mistakes, the angrier I become. Well, I learnt that being angry at my mistakes didn’t change the fact that I made them. However, learning from the mistakes, made me a much better person. But before I settled down to learn, I first had to forgive myself. I had to allow myself room to grow. I’m not perfect after all, I am working towards becoming a better person. Like a child who is learning to walk, this means I will fall sometimes. Do I now hate myself from falling? Will I prevent me from falling or erase the past fall? NO. So I get up, dust my behind, smile and forgive myself (even give myself a pep talk if necessary), and then I try again.

I Confess Everyday

No, it’s not my sins I confess. It’s who I am already I confess. I confess what God says I am already. I speak positive words into my life and future. I control my atmosphere with my words. I decree my day and command my morning (both titles of books, lol). Apart from confessing at least a scripture a day, I have a book I confess from every morning. I personalise God’s blessings and promises to me. I don’t just make confessions for myself alone, but for my family, my pastors, my husband, my children, my career etc.

Amazingly, I have seen some of my confessions come to reality. In January for example, I kept declaring that I am having beautiful experiences in that season. And that was my experience. At a point in the month of February, I started confessing that I have Work Opportunities. Before long, a customer contacted me from the UK. God did not give me my mouth for eating alone but to chart the course of my destiny. Confessing his word is how I make this happen.


Now, you’ve read my 7 things, I look forward to reading yours.


Much Love,




3 thoughts on “7 Things I Do Everyday- Onome Pearl Oraka

  1. The seven things I do?
    1) Stalk you
    2) Wonder why we dont speak often
    3) Er… repeat 1.

    Just goofing around (like you advised). Terrific read!


    1. Hahahahaha

      Yinka, you are such a tease. Thanks for reading!


  2. Ogali patience July 22, 2017 — 6:47 am

    Your words are inspiring. Thanks dearie. Through these words I just realised I am lacking a lot of things.


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