The Art of Being a Lady : 10 Ways to Feel More Feminine- Oksana

Halo Prima Donna!

So, I know I have not made a post in a while, and I truly apologize. Working on my content generation calendar, so hopefully, that issue will be resolved very soon!

I was surfing the net the other day for some information on Feminity. So I typed The Art of Being a Lady’ in my browser’ and Google responded! I came across for the first time and I am voraciously feeding on all of her posts. Trust me, they are highly enlightening, and to think she is a Christian too? Just freaking awesome!!! (Forgive my French). Without further ado, here are Oksana’s (my new woman crush) 10 trusted tips on ‘The Art of Being a Lady’. (You can read the full article at

Be present. The other day I caught myself mentally preparing my reaction to a scenario that I had imagined in my head. You cannot, without simply lying to my face, tell me that you have not, at some point, done that yourself. Constant attempts to control the unknown {otherwise known as overanalyzing} is a monster every woman struggles with every single day; it’s in our nature. One way to feel more feminine is to become more in tune to your surroundings and to bring a conscious awareness to every moment. Let’s start right now. Get out of your own head and let go of your constant worries. Become aware of your surroundings: Hear the birds chirping outside. Notice the color of the leaves on the trees. Smell the coffee tempting you from the kitchen. Touch the soft sweater wrapping your body in a cloud of warmth. What do you feel, touch, smell, hear, taste or see? Don’t try to analyze these sensations; simply slow down and allow your senses to awaken to the world around you.

Relax. Take a leisurely bath, get a massage, or exercise that tension right out of your body. If you’re like me, and the idea of physical activity less-than-thrills you, don’t despair. The point is to relieve stress and get back in touch with yourself, so if that means a 3-month vacation, then bon voyage!

Deliberately enjoy every moment. See the beauty of every moment and make it a point to experience it in the most positive way possible. Find little luxuries in the most ordinary moments and indulge in whatever makes you feel most beautiful and feminine {this may or may not, but probably does, call for a little shopping}.

Declutter your life, both physical and mental. Declutter your physical surroundings by selling your unwanted possessions or simply giving them away. Mental clutter includes things like unfinished projects, unrealistic schedules, your unforgiven past or negative people who drain your energy {more on this in a future post}. Removing everything but the essentials restores a feeling of tranquility and serenity to our lives, reminding us what is truly important.

Refine your speech. Sure, I totally understand the allure of using a curse word to really drive your point across, but is the English language really so devoid of flavor that we must descend down to the pits of hell to voice our thoughts? Part of being feminine is choosing and expressing your thoughts in a poised way. It may come as a surprise to some of you, but I am not the most eloquent person on earth {cue eye roll} Although curse words are not part of my vocabulary, brazen sarcasm certainly is. And while there is nothing wrong with a witty remark, per se, the lesson here is that there is a time and place for everything.

Wear more silk. Indulge your femininity by opting for luxurious, feminine fabrics like silk, chiffon, velvet, satin, cashmere and lace when you get dressed. Think soft, fluffy, delicate, romantic, flowy – basically anything that underlines the fact that you’re, well, a woman.

Turn on the positive energy. Have you ever heard the expression, “An attractive person is one who gets noticed. A charming person is one who notices you.” Okay, fine, it may not be the exact quote, but you get the point, which is to leave people you interact with in a happier state than they were in when you first encountered them. In other words, don’t be a drag. It’s easy to fall into the I’m-so-helpless-won’t-you-listen-to-my-sob-stories trap, but let me tell you something: Nobody cares. Not only are you a bore to your companion, but you come away from the conversation feeling worse than before. Learn how to be more positive, and instead of wallowing in misery, try to maintain the same level of energy {or higher} as the person you’re talking to. Become the person that always knows just how to brighten someone’s day.

Be lighthearted and playful. More shocking {to you, at least} than the fact that I’m not very eloquent will be the fact that I am, in fact, very silly. I know, I know, just a few short months ago I was complaining about feeling like the most uptight person ever to walk this earth. So I may not have this one completely under control, but at least I’m trying. When you learn to laugh at yourself and not take everything to heart, you become a much more pleasant person to be around. It’s a win-win: you win because you’re awesome, and they {they being the people around you} win because you’re, well, awesome.

Spend time with your man. Nothing brings out my feminine, nurturing side than spending time with my dear husband. Seriously, five minutes with him, and I’m in the kitchen making sandwiches {NOT because it’s my wifely duty to keep him fed but because there’s simply nothing else that can bring me more happiness at that moment.} All kidding aside, there is something oh-so-beautiful about the perfect union of a masculine man and a feminine woman that allows you to freely hand over the pants {figuratively speaking} in the relationship.

Spread the love. Every woman is born with an innate desire to beautify everything around her. And what could be more beautiful than one person showing a kind gesture to another? Melodramatics aside, vow to do something nice for someone every day. Write a hand-written note to a friend. Call a loved one. Invite someone you wouldn’t typically invite for dinner. Surprise your mother-in-law with a pampering spree. Include a love note as you’re packing your husband’s lunch. I promise you, if this is all you take away from this list, it will be worth it.

So here’s Oksana list! What do you think about it? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section. Eagerly waiting to hear from you!

And now I eagerly await to hear your opinion. I mean, just look at my face. If that isn’t the epitome of eagerness, then I don’t know what is. You know where the comment section is.

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