02: Dear Sister, Stop Clinging to Worthless Idols

Some months ago, I hosted 30 ladies to a program dubbed ‘Maximising the Benefits of Singleness’. It was a huge success, and the lessons I shared were published on Women of Rubies as well as this blog. As a single lady myself, I have struggled with maximizing the benefit of this phase and being complacent about it. Some days, we are fired up, some other days, well…you know the story. Few days ago, I re-discovered a scripture that had once kept me brooding on it for days “Those who cling to worthless idols, forfeit the grace that could be theirs’ (Jonah 2:8). It was more than striking this time because I was perfect sitted at that address. In fact, I had made it mine.


Clinging to worthless idols, what does that mean? At its simplest, it means coveting the pleasures of tomorrow and despising the blessings of today. In our context, it would mean living in the dream of some future and forgetting to maximize the moment. Now, hear me out, God didn’t give us to ability to imagine for us to shove it under our wardrobes, so it’s not out of place to conjure up those beautiful images in our minds through desire. However, to create the world we desire, we must start from where we are. I know you think of the pleasures you’d have being married (as I do), but do you consider the pleasures you could have now? Are you lost in tomorrow that you forget to enjoy and maximize the little pleasures of today?


Are you aware of the magnanimous benefits and possibilities of this phase of your life (as a single lady)? Hey! Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to getting married too but I’ve discovered that just like myself, single ladies may have been underutilizing this stage when we can have the best of both worlds. Many times, we are like Eve. Remember her? Yeah, she is our great-great-ever-so-great-greatest grandmother who forsook the pleasure of life in the garden for the únknown’. Mystery can be attractive. Ask Eve, she’d tell you it can burn badly too.


Michelle Hammond said in one of her books, ‘Tomorrow is uncertain’, the best gift is today. If today were to be your last day on earth, how would you spend it? Here’s what I’m encouraging you to do today: Enjoy the grace that comes with your current stage. Do new things. Go on pleasure trips. Meet new people. Initiate new friendships. Invest in old ones. Take a class. Discover your gifts. Then develop on them. And use them to serve others. Live life richly and to the fullest. Remind me why Christ came again? Yeah… that you and I may enjoy life to the fullest (John 10:10)! Dear Sister, that life is not in tomorrow, it is today. Enjoy Grace!



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